I played by the rules. I went to high school and got the diploma. I went to college and got the degree. The thing they don't tell is what happens after. Most people don't really have any advice other than "get a job" after you do it all. But I'm a lucky guy. Lucky because while I was doing everything I was supposed to, I found the things I loved to do.  It happened bit by bit. Going on a music tour with a good friend and shooting video. Donating my art skills to a non-profit. Taking photos for a friend's wedding. Completing my first radio documentary and animations for a class.

After leaving The University of Texas - Permian Basin (Go Falcons!), I did get that "real job."  A great person named Kathy Swindler saw my potential and gave me a chance at KWES-TV. I started at the bottom but eventually I made it to the top. From lowly topical producer to creative services editor to creative services director. I've was in charge of an entire station's creative department and in charge of developing brands and campaigns for people who sunk what little money they had on the faith that I could help them become successful.  My youthful cockiness wouldn't let me second-guess my decisions and made me successful. But it wasn't all successes. I stumbled and failed my fair share and it was the failures that taught me so much more.

I've created things that I'm not proud of that I would describe with a colorful expletive. I've had campaigns where my hubris overtook the research. Ads where my reach far exceeded my grasp (and budget).  The successes made me confident going forward. The failures made me better. My greatest gift isn't what I know. It's knowing that I don't know everything but I really, really want to.

I'm someone who loves being on a team. Playing my role and learning more than I knew at the end of the day from someone I respect. I went from the world of television into the world of advertising. It was a whole new world with large budgets and even larger stakes. It was sink or swim and thankfully, I knew enough at this point to ask for help in order to get better.  That might have been the greatest lesson I learned in an ad agency... that it's never shameful to ask for help in order to get better.

I love working with people who realize that the job we do should be fun. Those lucky enough to create can sometimes forget that. My equipment may be a fancy iMac and a graphics tablet but at the root of it all, I'm still that kid sitting in front of HE-MAN on the television while I draw in a notepad with Crayola Crayone (we can all agree RoseArt crayons are garbage).

Much like the Joker, I'm a guy of simple tastes: A Shiner Bock while watching the Patriots. A sketchbook and a pen. Making comedy videos with my friends. The original trilogy. 

And much like Basher Tarr in OCEAN'S ELEVEN, I look forward to working with proper villains. 


University of Texas - Permian Basin (CUM LAUDE) Communications/Psychology


Official Selection - Albuquerque Film & Music Experience "Drinking with Strangers" Short Film

Official Selection - Los Angeles Cinefest "Drinking with Strangers" Short Film

Official Selection - Texas Ultimate Shorts Festival "Drinking with Strangers" Short Film

Best Cinematography - 2014 ABQ 48-Hour Film Project "When I Go" Short Film

Best Photojournalist - Texas Associated Press Broadcasters 2011

Multiple ADDY Award-Winner (Commercial, Promotions, Print) - Permian Basin Ad Fed

Best Radio Documentary - Texas Intercollegiate Press Association 2003

Best Music Video - Desert Reel Film Festival 2005

Best Director Nomination - Desert Reel Film Festival 2005

Best Photojournalist Runner-Up - Texas Associated Press Broadcasters 2014